Keto Reading break

We’re big on following and tracking on all things Keto. Magazines and books, among other resources, keep us informed and committed. We get a lot of encouragement and inspiration from our friends online, opening Mor Kitchen on Facebook and Twitter (you can find us @jamieatmor).

When we were just getting started, we depended on weeks of meal planning from Keto Custom Plan. Their Keto quiz helped us get our footing on the right mix of foods, meals and snacks for a full week — customized for us by profile likes and dislikes as well as other needs (allergies, dietary concerns, vegetable favorites, etc.) We are not nutritionists (farthest thing from it; we’re exceptional researchers and testers, both personally and professionally). Knowing how many calories we should consume and substitutions to make was a welcome addition to the collection of reading material we picked up as we were fine tuning our approach.

To that end, we’ve got a recommended library of musts:

We’ve come a long way since then; we’re testing and adapting recipes that we know and love now to be Keto. Believe it or not, Grandpa’s Pot Roast is entirely keto-friendly without doing much of anything besides removing starchy potatoes from the pot (rutabagas make an awesome substitute, or cauliflower mashed potatoes on the side). Mom’s meatloaf recipe is completely Keto with homemade tomato paste and bread crumbs from our Keto bread. When we plan to eat out, Keto Connect’s Restaurant Guide is our first stop. But we’re picky; not all restaurants are created equal and as our taste buds change we’re finding healthier, farm-sourced, natural-promoting establishments that automatically cater (and match) our pure, clean eating.

Our reading and listening list:

Book: Nourish Your Tribe

Book: Keto Answers

Music: Surf by Surfaces