I’m behind, and that’s normal

New normals and Keto starter pack

Editor’s note: This is a supplement to our first Reading Break post published in March 2020 when we started on this clean eating journey.

Regularly reading about what is now normal inspired me to consider what exactly has changed.

We eat healthier (because we have time). We walk and work out more (because we have time). We take time to notice things like buds on the trees (because we have time). We spend time on hobbies (because… well, you get the picture).

Not saying this is a good time; but there definitely is more time while we are stuck indoors and our free-time extra-curricular schedules have been completely removed.

It couldn’t be a better time to focus on clean eating, honestly. I am happy to do it, calm for controlling at least a small portion of my day and there is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment, feeling better with exuberant energy (that only comes from Keto eating).

You want to do this, too.

That’s why this week we are focused not just on what’s for dinner (and breakfast and snacking) in the Mor Kitchen on Instagram. We are also passing along our favorite reading materials, latest learning videos and tutorials, and more, from our favorite experts. If they can keep us on target, we think they will work for all our friends.

Ketogasm’s Hello Keto starter training program is a must (and we wish we would have encountered the tutorial sooner along with the excellent calculator from Keto Gains to count our macros properly!) But if you are following along online, you will also hear from chefs, menu planners, doctors and industry experts with all the lists you can print and save.

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