Easter came and (almost) went

Candy cravings keeping us up at night

After the massive brunch and over-doing baked sweets —albeit keto—and sugar-full basket treats, major recovery was in order this week. I, for one, couldn’t resist a coconut-crusted specialty chocolate that was entirely gluten-full and sugar-rich. It was Easter.

What I thought would be meaningless and not throw me off my course of clean eating turned out to be exactly the opposite. But the lethargic, cloudy and bloated-ness along with unusually unsunny outlook from compromised sleep is finally subsiding. Even though I planned a week of meals for carb-curing efforts, it was still a rough return. Never again (again… no one said this was easy).

On a positive note, my accomplice is back to basics; she jumped back into the keto pursuit after a few weeks of sugar-full and quarantine (well, quarantine) believing this will help her, too, empower and improve her outlook.

Not to mention we have a new follower: Dad. That’s progress.

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