But first, dessert.

Introducing Mor Kitchen

Hold up. You just got a taste of our Decadent Chocolate Cupcakes (maybe we even brought you a sample… isn’t that why you’re here? For Mor?)

But dessert wouldn’t be as tasty without the main course. Let us introduce you to Mor Kitchen, a specialty kitchen of food entrepreneurs who believe that good food is good for all and have a mission to bring good food to the community.

Our inspiration for Mor Kitchen is simple: eat better food that we can make ourselves at any age. 12? Yes. 85? Have at it. We say, cut out adding sugar to your coffee, go green (leafy, that is), hold the bread and grains (except for a spoonful of anything gluten-free) and definitely stop eating low-fat anything as that just means bad fillers in fat’s place. Opt for low-to-zero-carb proteins and vegetables, nuts, olives, full-fat yogurts low in sugars.

source: dietdoctor.com

Those are the items stocked in our fridge (don’t worry, we’ll get to turning over both your fridge and pantry in future posts).

Why are we doing this, you ask? Everyone does. It definitely helps to have a medical need to stick to healthy eating, sure. But the benefits across our family suggest that our new way of eating is good for all, validating our mission daily.

Like before, we cook on the premise of balanced meals, opting for full-fat ingredients and 20% of our plate filled with protein. But we’re fine tuning the ingredient list to include primarily organic, cage-free, grass fed, unprocessed, fresh — natural as nature, really. It just doesn’t make sense to use manufactured ingredients when we cook. In our opinion, no one ever searched their pantry for a cup of Hydrolyzed Corn Protein or Yellow 6 Lake or Cheese Sauce Mix (those mystery ingredients, and more, were just a few of the things hidden in the labels of family favorites we tossed out during our “cleansing” process).

We’re no saints. We’re not pure Keto; we don’t pick only gluten-free items from the menu to alleviate inflammation. We love sweets; we occasionally cheat (enter mini Decadent Chocolate Cupcakes). But we’re getting there. And we’re doing it without tricky menus using easy-to-remember baby steps — and with keto-friendly desserts and bread. We’ll keep you posted on how we’re getting there, looping in experts and inspiration along the way.

On to dessert…