A pinch of this, a dash of that

We don’t do it by the book

You’re probably wondering what juicy baking rule-breaking we are about to reveal based on the title of this post. But it really isn’t one rule; we don’t follow the book (cook book, that is) hardly at all.

It certainly applies to baking Mor Decadent Chocolate Cupcakes, the first recipe we promoted the minute we finalized the exact right amount of organic vanilla. And we use the flavor profiles in all our recipes to make it just right. But sometimes we get bored with the old favorites, the recipes that we make over and over again and we even re-tweak the tried-and-true recipes for effect!


Sometimes we’ll sneak in a bit of cardamom, sometimes it’s lemon (like we did in our perfect carrot cupcake testing this month) but we are always riffing off the written rules. In our kitchen that IS a rule.

It doesn’t just apply to ingredients either.

It is an experiment every day we turn the stove or oven on. If it says brown, what happens if we sear and the slow cook the meat. If it calls for a super hot oven, what happens if we turn it down and move the pan to the top of the oven. That’s how we land on the final recipes. The ones that will forever be part of our keto cookbook, weekly go-to meals (no written recipes needed) and snack bags when we return to work.

Food experimenting is fun; guided but never stifled by the recipes.